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Liz Everett

Registered Nurse, Nurse Prescriber


I’m Liz Everett and I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I trained as a registered nurse at the Charles Frears School of Nursing in Leicester (now part of De Montfort University) in 1992 and gained a specialist qualification in Emergency Nurse Practitioner at the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2006. I have 30 years of nursing experience for the NHS, in Australia and working on a cruise ship.

I offer a safe ear wax removal service using micro-suction. It is a painless, quick and easy way to remove troublesome ear wax. The treatment is gentler and safer than the more old-fashioned ear syringing procedure.



Ear wax is natural and can’t be prevented. It is produced to protect your ears from germs, dirt and small insects. However, due to many reasons such hairy or narrow ear canals, wear of hearing aid or the use of cotton buds and other objects can cause the ear wax to build up and cause pain, itching, loss of hearing etc. if left untreated for longer periods, ear wax build-up can cause infections.


You can tell if you have ear wax blockage if you have any of the following signs:


  • Pain in the ear

  • Itching in the ear

  • A feeling of fullness in the ear

  • Loss of hearing

  • Dizziness

  • Ringing or high-pitched tones coming from the ears (tinnitus)

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How does the treatment work?

We use licensed ear wax removal equipment that uses micro-suction technology. It is a safe, gentle and painless tool to get rid of ear wax.

The treatment works by inserting a fine suction tube inside the ear canal while being viewed through a magnifying microscope.


You can see above before and after photos that show the inside of an ear canal before and after micro-suction treatment.

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