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Price list

Podiatry Treatments (as of 05 Jan 2024)

Emergency Out-of-Hours Podiatry Appointment


These appointments are 20min long to deal with a specific problem or emergency.


These appointments are intended for people who want to be seen sooner than our regular appointment availability.

New Patient Podiatry Assessment and Treatment Appointment


Please bring a list of any medication you are taking to your appointment.


The appointment lasts 30 minutes and includes completing your medical history, a foot assessment and provision of treatment.

Occasional Podiatry Appointment


If it's been 9 months or longer since your last appointment, book this appointment type.


The appointment lasts 30 minutes. Please bring an up-to-date list of any medication you are taking. 

Regular Podiatry Appointment

Usually £45

This appointment type is for returning patients receiving regular and ongoing treatment.


The price ranges from £38 to £50 and you'll be advised of the price for follow up appointments at your new patient appointment.

Toenail Treatment Appointment by Yvonne, Podiatry Footcare Assistant


This appointment type is for anyone needing help with their nail care. All types of nail problems can be treated within this appointment.


No other treatment apart from nail care will be provided within this appointment. 

This 20-minute appointment is charged at £35. 

Biomechanical Assessment


One hour examination of your feet, legs, hips, posture and how this relates to your walking pattern. Insole or orthotic advice and/or plaster casting for prescription devices. Insoles/orthotics if necessary are provided at an additional cost.

Nail Surgery

£395 upwards depending on the number of nail sides and toes.

Package price includes nail surgery with a local anaesthetic, all dressings and follow up appointments. The price will be advised during the initial new patient appointment.

Swift microwave verrucae therapy


Craniosacral Therapy Treatments

Craniosacral Therapy for Adults:

First Treatment Session

New patient consultation and treatment (75 min). 


Follow up Treatment Session

The session is about 65 min long. 


Craniosacral Therapy for Children:

Treatment Session

Sessions are 40 min.


Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Treatments (Oliver)

New Patient Appointment

A 45min treatment session including consultation.

Follow up appointments will be advised as necessary. 


Follow-up Patient Appointment 

A 30min follow-up treatment appointment. 


Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Treatments (Monika)

Follow Up Patient Appointment

A 30min follow-up treatment appointment.


Ear Wax Removal - Microsuction 

Ear Wax Removal and Hearing Assessment

Ear wax check and removal for both ears, and a hearing test.   



Olive oil based spray to help soften ear wax.



Initial Appointment

Initial appointment for assessment and treatment. 

Follow up appointments will be advised as necessary. 


Follow up Appointment

A full treatment session.


Hearing Tests

Full Hearing Test

A full hearing consultation and advice on suitable hearing aid or other solutions. 



New Patient Appointment

New patient assessment and treatment, lasts 45 mins. 


Follow Up Appointment

Follow up appointments will be advised as necessary and last for 30 mins.


30 min Massage

A 30 min massage appointment.


60 min Massage

A 60 min massage appointment. 



Personal Counselling Session for Children

A personal counselling session is 55 mins. 


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